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The Importance of Trust-Building in the Workplace

February 11, 2022 Matthew Brown, VP of Learning and Brand Success Episode 55
The Learning Xchange
The Importance of Trust-Building in the Workplace
Show Notes

When was the last time you really stopped to think about the concept of trust in your workplace?

If you think about it, on one side, the workplace is where it all starts. It’s your home base. When seeds of distrust are scattered, it’s bound to cause a bit of unwanted friction internally. 

On the other side, your general efforts around trust often feed into most, if not all, interactions with learners and customers alike.

To get ahead of this, it’s become increasingly vital to take a more hands-on approach toward trust-building, and that’s what Matthew Brown (Schoox’s Chief People & Culture Officer) delves into on this episode of The Learning Xchange podcast. 

He discusses the role of trust in the workplace as well as its unique place in the training process. Matthew also shares four ways to incorporate the trust-building process into your training.

Listen to this episode to find out:

  • Why trust is vital in the workplace and the training process
  • The effect of a lack of trust can impact organizations
  • How the notion of trust in L&D has evolved
  • How to build trust with both your employees and learners
  • Four ways to address the trust conversation

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