The Learning Xchange

The Concept of Redefining Roles in The Workplace

July 01, 2022 Matthew Brown, Chief People & Culture Officer Episode 65
The Learning Xchange
The Concept of Redefining Roles in The Workplace
Show Notes

Guess what? The world is still changing and at this pace, it’s pretty clear that there are more sudden changes we need to embrace. 

But to bring things better into focus in the workplace, there’s been a pressing need to redefine roles to accommodate all the change going around. 

That’s where Schoox’s Chief People & Culture Officer, Matthew Brown, kicks off this episode of The Learning Xchange. He set the scene by telling us the present state of things across all industries in terms of employee and customer expectations.

Matthew also delves into the pertinent role of the L&D community in ensuring that organizations embrace these changes seamlessly.

Listen to this episode to find out: 

  • What the current landscape is and how that feeds into the rescoping of roles
  • How to respond to the changing demands of employees and customers
  • What part Learning & Development plays in restructuring roles
  • How L&D professionals can help their organizations embrace the ongoing change
  • The benefits of broadening your content
  • Why repeated content isn’t necessarily redundant
  • The importance of delivering training on how to navigate the hybrid work environment

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