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How to Give the Best Guidance as an L&D Trainer

February 19, 2021 Matthew Brown, VP of Learning and Brand Success Episode 19
The Learning Xchange
How to Give the Best Guidance as an L&D Trainer
Show Notes

How can you give the best training advice possible? What if someone asks for training, but you want to suggest an alternative?

As a trusted learning professional or trainer, it’s your job to assess the need for training as well as implement it. But how do you give the best advice if it’s contrary to what the organization asks for?

In this episode of The Learning Xchange podcast, Matthew Brown (Schoox’s VP of Learning and Brand Success) is joined by his colleague, Karen Clem. They discuss how to strike a balance between being a “yes-man” and learning how to say “no” when giving training guidance. They also talk about the importance of positioning yourself as a consultant, or even a doctor diagnosing problems, to help create better solutions.

Listen to this episode to find out:

  • How to build trust, authority, and respect as a learning professional
  • How to say no without building walls
  • The benefit of viewing your job as a consultant or a doctor diagnosing problems
  • Learning when to implement extra training or advise on better communication instead
  • How to give great guidance on training.

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