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Teaching Our Learners How to Learn Again

July 02, 2021 Matthew Brown, VP of Learning and Brand Success Episode 37
The Learning Xchange
Teaching Our Learners How to Learn Again
Show Notes

When was the last time you went to a workplace training session full of excitement and anticipation?

Even those who love learning can sometimes struggle to motivate themselves to learn. It’s a common problem across all industries, and one reason is because training is usually a must-do, not a want-to.

Even when training isn’t mandated, a lot of people are still stuck in that same mindset. It may come from school or other workplaces where training is seen as a necessary evil. It’s something that distracts you from your routine and responsibilities.

How do we get employees to want to learn? How do we teach them about the joy of learning for learning’s sake, not just as a box-ticking exercise? The best way to achieve success with training is to have enthusiastic and open employees, but for that to happen, some mindset retraining needs to take place.

In this episode of The Learning Xchange, Schoox’s Matthew Brown, VP of Learning and Brand Success, discusses just that. He shares some reasons why employees are hesitant about learning and what we can do to change their mindsets.

Listen to this episode to find out:

  • Why some employees are hesitant to engage in learning activities
  • The problem with mandated-only learning
  • The common excuses against training sessions
  • How trust could be a roadblock in your organization
  • How to use a different approach to learning

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