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How to Implement New Initiatives Successfully

July 23, 2021 Matthew Brown, VP of Learning and Brand Success Episode 40
The Learning Xchange
How to Implement New Initiatives Successfully
Show Notes

Whether it’s to keep up with changing technology, a fast-paced market, new regulations, or something else, change is a necessary part of running a successful business.

However, implementing new changes and initiatives can be a tricky process. One simple change can affect every single part of an organization.

If a new initiative is to be introduced in your organization, you need to be prepared. Most organizations focus on project management, process management, or some kind of implementation methodology. However, this overlooks one key area – the people affected by the changes. 

In this episode of The Learning Xchange, Matthew Brown (Schoox’s VP of Learning and Brand Success) explores the steps that organizations need to take to implement change effectively. 

Listen to this episode to find out: 

  • Why focusing on the people, not just the processes is crucial
  • How to manage requirements across the organization
  • How to engage different types of people in the process
  • Why you need feedback as early as possible
  • Communication tips to ensure a successful implementation process

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