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Why We Need More Self-Awareness in the Workplace

November 12, 2021 Matthew Brown, VP of Learning and Brand Success Episode 52
The Learning Xchange
Why We Need More Self-Awareness in the Workplace
Show Notes

Far too often, people find themselves struggling to connect with other people in the workplace. Sometimes it’s a case of a personality mismatch. Other times it can be a difference in communication styles. 

Whatever the reason, this inability to connect with others in a meaningful or productive way can cause a blockage. It can affect productivity, collaboration, and even trust if everyone is struggling to connect.  

As Schoox’s Matthew Brown (VP of Learning and Brand Success) explains, it all comes down to one key thing – self-awareness. In this episode of The Learning Xchange, Matthew discusses why self-awareness and adaptability are overlooked but critical skills for any workplace. 

Listen to this episode to find out: 

  • How difficulties connecting to others largely comes down to self-awareness
  • How self-awareness can help us address unconscious bias
  • Why organizations should try to teach self-awareness
  • Why organizations need to revisit and adapt processes in real-time
  • How to create a safe space for all to understand each other
  • The best ways to open up honest conversations in the workplace 

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